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Rebates and Benefits of Solar

  • Produces no green house gas emissions
  • Installing a 2kw system is equal to taking 1 car of the road annually
  • Saves you money on electricity bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Take advantage of STC’S available to help with the cost of purchasing a system

STC Rebate Scheme Small scale Technology Certificates (STC’S) formerly known as (RECS- Renewable Energy Certificates) Under the STC rebate scheme in Australia if you install and are the of a Solar PV Grid Connect System or a Solar Hot Water System you are entitled to STC’S What is an STC? Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’S) are an environmental type of currency which are issued after installing Grid Connect Solar, Solar Hot Water, Heat Pumps and any other renewable energy technology which helps to reduce green house gas emissions. The size of a system that is purchased and where you live (see zone map below) determines the amount of STC’S awarded. The value of STC’S depends on the current market value. (This price will fluctuate depending on supply and demand). Call us on 02 641153 to find out more or go to www.greenbank.com.au or www.orer.gov.au

benefits of solar

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