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Solimpeks Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel


The Solimpeks Hybrid PV-Thermal (PV-T) solar panel is a combination of Solar PV and Solar Thermal in one unit. It has been designed to maximise PV performance by keeping the cells cool, whilst creating usable Thermal energy. We use standard PV laminate and attach it to a scaled down version of our best selling Solar Thermal flat plate collector. This is then encased as a standard solar panel for a standard roof top install. It can be used in any application where hot water and electricity are required.

The Solimpeks Hybrid PV-T solar panel is a European concept that was borne from the frustration of PV degradation over 25 degrees centigrade and the inefficient roof space issues created by using separate Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

By attaching the PV cells to a flat plate Solar Thermal collector, it is possible to moderate the operating temperature of the module - the cooling of the PV cells creates enhanced PV performance as degradation above 25 degrees centigrade is limited; the ‘waste’ of this process, the cooling agent, is used as Thermal energy for any application which requires it.

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